About Us

We are engaged as a contractor for execution of several civil and mechanical jobs for Government Departments at different parts of India. We had successfully completed all of them within the stipulated time frame.

“Time along with the Quality is the Moto of our Organisation.”

We had completed the projects for Real Estate field within Asansol: [Click to open links]

Ashoka Residency
1. Ashoka Residency
Ashoka Residency
2. Ashoka Residency


  1. We are well equipped with machinery to cope up with the work for Civil, Road works, Building finishing work, etc.
  2. We are associated with Mr. Suvankar Chaudhuri who work’s with us for all projects. He is a Master Degree holder of Geo-technical Engineering and Structural Engineering, having Twenty Five years of experience in Real Estate Architecture / Industrial Architecture. He has completed about Fourteen Lakhs sq. ft. of construction with about Three Lakhs  sq. ft. area in progress.
  3. We are associated with technical personal/professors of Jadavpur University for their guidance in any aspects of Engineering.